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2024 Program

General Education (GE) classes

BIO S123-01: Biology of Sex (GE Area B2): Gita Kolluru and Heather Liwanag
MU S120-01: Music Appreciation (GE Area C1): Samuel Shalhoub
TH S210-01: Introduction to Theatre (GE Area C1): Philip Valle
HIST S213 Political Economy (GE Area D2): Cameron D. Jones
RPTA S255-01: Leadership and Diverse Groups (GE Area E): Marni Goldenburg
ART S112-01: Western Art: A Thematic History (GE Area C1): Giancarlo Fiorenza


HNRS S101-01: Vincent Meserko

COMS S101-02: Christina Kaviani
COMS S101-03:: Martin Mehl
COMS S101-04: Marion Hart
COMS S101-05: Laura Hunkler
COMS S101-06: Victoria Zamora
COMS S101-07: Kara Samaniego

ENGL S145-01: Thomas Lugo
ENGL S145-02: Raymond Brennan

Virtual COMS

COMS S101-08 - Public Speaking: Amy Ward
COMS S101-09 - Public Speaking: Sara Daubert
COMS S101-10 - Public Speaking: Sheree Twisselman-Davis


Textbooks can be ordered from the Cal Poly University Store when students receive their class placements in July. Students will be notified by email when their class placements are available on the student portal.

Class Enrollment

Students will be enrolled in COMS 101 and one other class.

COMS 101 is a required course for all students and it is advantageous to be able to access this class through Quarter Plus as this will give students flexibility going forward. The second class will be selected depending on the student's college credit, AP/IB scores, and class capacity. GE courses are required for all students. Please refer to your specific degree requirements in the Cal Poly Catalog.

Please note that "EXSS S250" is a placeholder course for course fees that you will see on your account.

Academic Resources

While the Quarter Plus Program schedule is rigorous, we want to make sure all our students have the tools they need to succeed. For students seeking support with their studies, there are several options.

Checking for Duplicate Credits

Please be diligent about checking your assigned classes. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have not assigned you to a class where you already received credit. If you see a mistake, please inform us as soon as possible so we can make corrections.