Financial Questions

  • Extended Education deposit and program fee, institutional fees, and for the residential program only, housing and dining fees. There is also learning support and social activities during the evenings, on Wednesdays and the weekends.

  • No, simply let us know that you are interested on the application and be sure to apply by May 10, 2023. Scholarship recipients are determined by the Office of Financial Aid based on need.

  • Quarter Plus is a self-support program managed by the Extended Education department, therefore Extended Education charges students the program fee to participate in the program. Housing and Dining are separate departments under the Cal Poly Corporation and have their own policies, which includes charging Quarter Plus students for their on-campus housing and dining plan.

  • Housing and Dining fees are separate from the Quarter Plus deposit and program fee, and are not managed by Extended Education. University Housing and Campus Dining are distinct departments under the Cal Poly Corporation and have their own refund policies. Please contact them directly with questions about their fees.

  • The $500 deposit fee is non-reversable. After July 19, 2023, there is no reversal for the Quarter Plus program fee. Exceptions to these policies are at the discretion of the Quarter Plus program staff.

    Academic Questions

  • Classes and instructors are selected with extra care, taking all aspects such as AP and IB credits, various degree requirements, and previous college courses into consideration. Students are block registered in classes and, unfortunately, there is no flexibility in changing classes due to preference.

  • Please inform us immediately about your status change so that we can make necessary adjustments.

  • Unfortunately, no, for students participating in the virtual option.

    For the Quarter Plus 2023 residential program, we will offer the option of taking ENG 145. Writing Arguments (GE Area A3) as an alternative to COMS 101. Public Speaking (GE Area A1).

    Students may be placed in ENG 145 if they already have completed the equivalent of a GE Area A2 course. If a student has taken AP English Language and Composition 36 or 37, which meets the GE Area A2 requirement, and earned a score of 3 or better on the exam, they may be enrolled in ENG 145.

    As a bonus, students do not need to be in the Cal Poly Honors Program to be enrolled in this course, but if a student is participating in the Honors Program, they may earn 4 Honors units from this course.

    Students not placed in ENG 145, will be placed in COMS 101, and therefore must not have already earned credit for it in a community or junior college.

    Students in the residential program will also be placed in one other course in the General Education area. If an applicant has already completed public speaking, they cannot be placed in ENG 145, or any of the GE areas we are offering in the program; we are unable to enroll them in the program.

  • If you let us know what major you are hoping to change to, we will make our best effort to put you in a General Education class that works for both majors, but we cannot guarantee it.

  • Unfortunately NO. This program is specifically designed for first-year students.

  • Students are in class approximately 6 hours per day, 4 days per week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

  • The Quarter Plus program is designed to provide new students with a head start on their lower division GE Area courses. The tentative curriculum can be viewed on the Quarter Plus Classes Page. Students will be enrolled in either COMS 101 or ENGL 145, and one of the other courses listed depending on college credit, AP test scores, IB test scores, degree requirements, and class capacity.

  • Both 100- and 200-level courses are considered lower division and can be successfully completed by first-year students.

  • Yes! Faculty, staff, and Learning Assistants will be available during Quarter Plus. Their goals are to supplement instruction and support students academically and personally through this intensive program. They will be able to help with the rigorous academic experience that the program will deliver. Student Learning Assistants are peer mentors that will not only support students with time management and study skills, but are also available to address any common challenges students face as they transition from high school to Cal Poly.

  • Among other factors, we base your enrollment on AP and/or IB credit that you report on your Quarter Plus application. If that information changes, please contact our office and Admissions as soon as possible. If you believe you are placed in a course for which you have credit, again, please contact us as soon as possible. To see what courses AP/IB credit replace, please visit the Office of the Registrar and search by the year you took the exam(s).

  • We will review the information you submit to Cal Poly. Please contact us as soon as possible with any changes.

    If you took a class through a California college, follow these steps to determine which courses or GE areas you will receive credit for:

    1. Go to the Assist Website
    2. Click on the link on the left titled “Using Assist”
    3. The first three Demos listed will help you figure out if:
      • A class you took fulfills a specific major or support requirement
      • A class you took might fulfill a Cal Poly General Education area offered through Quarter Plus

    Be sure to select the academic year in which you completed the transfer course.

    IMPORTANT: Cal Poly’s GE areas do not match the GE areas that you will see listed in assist.org. The Office of the Registrar's “How to Use Assist“ Guide page is a valuable resource in determining credit. It is important to use it to compare the GE areas.

    If you have completed coursework at a school other than a California college:

    Check with your Cal Poly advisor to determine if the course you have already taken will duplicate a course in the Quarter Plus program.

  • Textbooks will be available for preorder on the Cal Poly University Store Website.

  • Study sessions are not mandatory, but highly recommended. This is the time to discuss class topics with your peers, participate in out-of-class activities, review difficult content, and learn to study efficiently.

  • We will offer one section of COMS S101 for Honors credit. Students identified as accepted into the Honors program will automatically be enrolled in the Honors section. We will also be offering ENGL/HNRS 145, for students with the required prerequisite. These Quarter Plus Honors classes will count toward the five required honors elective courses. Honors courses are not limited to Honors students and other Quarter Plus students may be placed in this section if space permits. Honors students are designated by the Honors Program as having applied and been accepted into the program. For more information regarding the University Honors program visit the University Honors Program Page.

  • Residential (On-Campus) Program:

    • Students attend class M, T, Th and F.
    • GE classes take place from 9:10 am – 12:00 noon.
    • COMS 101. Public Speaking and ENGL 145. Writing Arguments takes place from 1:10 pm – 4:00 pm.

    Virtual Programs:

    • Students in the Virtual Program take COMS 101 via zoom. Four sections will be from 9:10 am -12:00 noon and one section will be from 1:10 – 4:00 pm, M, T, Th and Fri. Please indicate on your application your preference for a morning or afternoon section and we will do our best to accommodate.

    Both the on-campus program and the virtual programs have two-hour study sessions on Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons. There are optional social activities on Wednesdays, Friday evenings, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Cal Poly’s recommendation for academic success is to study two hours per unit per week. If you are attending the residential program with two courses (8 units), you would study 16 hours during the week. If you are participating in the virtual program with one course (4 units), you would study 8 hours during the week. Time spent attending study sessions count as study time.

  • Once you sign the Student Agreement and pay your non-reversible $500 program deposit, you may not switch your program option. Exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the Quarter Plus program staff.

    General Questions

  • Visit the Learning Assistants Page and learn more about Learning Assistants.

  • Yes, you may participate in Quarter Plus if you have a disability; however, to accommodate your needs please contact the DRC (Disability Resource Center) in advance.

  • The residential program capacity is 216 students and the virtual program capacity is 120 students for Summer 2023.

  • Unfortunately, no. Due to visa requirements we are unable to accept international students into the program.

  • You have access to the Rec Center, Disability Resource Center (DRC), Campus Health & Well Being, Kennedy Library, University Union, and campus dining facilities open during the program. Please check the campus resource websites for hours of operation during the Quarter Plus program.

  • If you meet the requirements to participate in Quarter Plus, you will be sent a digital Student Agreement via Adobe Sign in early May. Your parent or supporter will also be required to sign the Student Agreement and directions will be included on how to enter their name and email address when you receive the email notification.

  • No, you must be available to attend all Quarter Plus dates. If you are participating in the residential program, you must be available starting on August 15 (move-in day) and through the last day of the program, Tuesday, September 12. If you are participating in the virtual program, you must be available starting on August 16 (orientation day) and through the last day of the program, Tuesday, September 12. Please contact the SLO Days team at orientation@calpoly.edu and they will help you register for a SLO Days orientation that takes place prior to Quarter Plus.

    Housing and Dining Questions

  • Students participating in the residential program will move into the Quarter Plus yakʔitʸutʸu housing complex (tentative) on Tuesday, August 15 from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Move-in will be staggered. Group one (students with last name beginning with letters A-M) will move-in from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. and Group two (students with last name beginning with letters N-Z) will move-in from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Students are required to move in during their assigned time. An email will be sent to students with their assigned group number.

    Students sign a housing contract with University Housing for Quarter Plus. Please contact University Housing with any questions about the housing contract, including requesting your room mate and any other specific questions.

    In addition, all Quarter Plus residential students are required move to their fall housing assignment on Friday, September 8 from 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. and will finish the Quarter Plus program in their fall housing assignment. Students will sign an academic year housing contract with University Housing and should contact University Housing with any questions.

    Students participating in the virtual program will not live in the Quarter Plus housing complex during the program and will move into their fall housing assignment on the regular fall move-in dates. For more information about the fall move-in, please visit University Housing.

  • The Quarter Plus room and roommate you are assigned will be temporary and only for the Quarter Plus program. All Quarter Plus residential students are required to move out of the Quarter Plus housing complex and into their fall housing assignment. Please contact University Housing for questions about room and room mate assignments.

  • The Quarter Plus 2023 dining program for residential program students will begin with lunch on move-in day, Tuesday, August 15, 2023 (each student will receive two dining vouchers to be used for lunch on move-in day), and ends with dinner on Tuesday, September 12, 2023.

    Please note that all campus dining locations are closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 9.

    Cal Poly Student Accounts will bill a total of $700 (tentative) per student for Quarter Plus Dining Fees, which will cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Students will receive their Poly Card (Campus ID) on move-in day and the $700 will be loaded onto the Poly Card. Students will then use their Poly Card to make food and meal purchases at Campus Dining locations available during Quarter Plus. Detailed information about which dining locations will be available during Quarter Plus will be emailed to students before the program starts.

    Unused Quarter Plus dining funds (declining Balance funds) are non-refundable and non-transferable. They roll forward quarter to quarter until the end of spring term 2024.

    Please contact Cal Poly Campus Dining for more information.