Quarter Plus

Accept the Challenge

The Quarter Plus program provides an intensive academic opportunity for you to accelerate your academic studies and begin your college experience during the early fall.

The 2024 Quarter Plus application is now closed. We're looking forward to welcoming the next round of Quarter Plus students!

Quarter Plus 2023

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Residential Program

Students will participate in a residential program and take two classes, COMS 101: Public Speaking or ENGL 145: Writing Arguments as well as another lower level General Education course for a total of 8 units.

Virtual Program
with one course

Students will not live in a university residence hall during the program and will take one virtual class, COMS 101: Public Speaking for 4 units.

Benefits of Q+

  • Mentoring and encouragement from trained learning assistants, professional staff, and experienced faculty
  • Enhanced academic preparation and skills for university-level coursework
  • Accelerated progress-to-degree by earning 8 units of academic credit prior to fall quarter
  • Greater sense of belonging and social connection
  • Academic and psychological preparation for the faster pace of Cal Poly's quarter system
  • More confidence and preparation for success in the fall
  • Small group activities and study sessions led by learning assistants

Accept the Challenge

This four-week program includes enrollment in 8 units of academic coursework.
Social activities and the opportunity to get to know classmates before fall quarter begins are added benefits.

Hear from previous Quarter Plus Students and watch an overview!

Quarter Plus allowed me to adjust to college-level academics in a fun environment. I met so many wonderful people and had so much fun doing the activities. I feel confident in my ability to be a successful college student after my experience in Quarter Plus!

E. Sumera

2022 Quarter Plus Student

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