Quarter Plus 2018

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As part of the Quarter Plus dining fees, students will have a catered dinner at 805 every night. Dinner is served between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm starting August 18, 2018 and up to September 12, 2018. Additionally, four breakfasts included in dining fees. Breakfast will be available at 805 on August 19-26 and September 2-9.

Other than the prepaid evening dining period, Quarter Plus students will be responsible for all of their meals. Declining Balance ($196) will be available on your PolyCard and can be used to purchase meals at campus dining facilities as well as for buying groceries at the on campus markets. You can always add money to your Declining Balance using your Cal Poly Portal.

Apartments in Poly Canyon Village will have kitchens that will allow students a place to prepare their own food. And of course, students are always welcome to leave campus to explore dining options in the community.

Please note that there are limited options available on the weekends and students are encouraged to purchase food during the week to ensure they have enough meals to last until Monday. Food trucks might be on campus during the program. You can check their availability on the Quarter Plus Facebook page once the program starts.

Summer hours often differ from the usual dining schedule and students may not have full access to campus dining options during the Quarter Plus program. To stay up to date with the latest hours of campus dining, students are encouraged to download the Cal Poly Dining App onto their devices.

The following listed times are subject to change.

Dining Location Times Open
805 Kitchen Mon-Sun 7-9 AM, 11:30-1:30 PM, 5-7 PM
805 Cafe Sat-Sun 10-4 PM
The Avenue Mon-Fri 8-3:30 PM
Chick-fil-A Mon-Fri 8-3:30 PM
Tu Taco Mon-Fri 8-3:30 PM
Bishop Craft Burgers Mon-Fri 10-3 PM
Shake Smart Mon-Sun 10-8 PM
Starbucks University Union: Mon-Fri 7-5 PM
Campus Market: Mon-Fri 7:30-4 PM
Campus Market Mon- Fri 7:30-4 PM
Subway Mon-Fri 7-5 PM
Canyon Café Mon-Fri 9:15-2 PM

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